News from Yr Obo Teithio Land

This week we will be finalising all times, dates and venues for our Mid-Wales concerts. It is only just over two weeks, until we are performing again in Mid-Wales…we are excited, nervous and in the midst of preparation.

We have decided that we will continue this tour a little longer than planned. We are enjoying the work we are doing so much and the response and feedback is excellent. We just want to inspire even more people and take our project to even more towns and cities.

During our Summer break, we will be heading up to Scotland and adventuring around many different hills and towns.

At some point before July, we will be doing one concert in Luton.

Oxford is calling us, so next academic year (from September) we plan to do a series of concerts in Oxfordshire.

Norfolk, is keen to have us playing in the area, so that is in the plans as well.

As long as we are inspiring others and promoting the oboe, we will visit as many places as we can manage. If anyone would like to get in touch about offering us a venue or have any wonderful ideas, please do!

Thank you for continuing to support us and please do keep telling all your fellow friends, family and colleagues about us. The more people that know what we are doing, the better!

Much love, Elen and Caitlin