A Tick Next to Mid-Wales

Yr Obo Teithio have departed Mid-Wales now and gone their separate ways…but here is our story with some pictures, from Mid-Wales. We started off on Saturday playing in the Rhallt Care Home. We played to a very cheerful bunch who had just seen Wales beat Italy at rugby! It is just delightful to see how much music brings people alive, even when illness is defeating them. There were a few musical folks amongst them, who you could tell thrived off hearing music again.We treated ourselves to a lovely ice cream afterwards, as part of our cafe ramble. Sunday was our day off so we went up to Llyn Clywedog, which is astonishingly beautiful. We really did ‘ramble’ up the hills that sunny day. That night we gained Kat Heathcote, to join the Yr Obo Teithio clan! On Monday afternoon we played to Berriew School, who were very engaged by our performance. I think we may have also inspired a few children. We spent a good while in a little deli cafe afterwards, enjoying the post performance feeling. Tuesday brought the visit to the Maesyrhandir School. The children loved it, we had them singing along and watching like hawks. Their questions were great and there was one little boy who apparently had never sat still for so long. After we had packed away we went round all the classrooms to say goodbye for the last time. We did feel rather famous. We really enjoyed playing to them but we were rather hungry after, so visited Gregynog tea rooms for something scrummy. Yesterday, Wednesday, was our last concert at 7.30 pm. We spent the morning in Montgomery pottering around with the Mothers and enjoying a very lovely lunch in our own private room, in a cafe. Llanidloes shops were filled with our posters and advertising and it payed off because we received a lovely audience in the Trinity Chapel. Our comments and feedback were very touching last night and I know it set us off with a few tears of happiness. We also raised £250 in our welly collection, last night. We are now really beginning to feel our work taking an impact and most importantly the audiences we meet are really enjoying our work. Thank you to everybody who helped us put our Mid-Wales concerts on, come to watch us, drive us around, feed us and keep us driving in the right direction. We can nearly buy three Howarth Junior Oboes! The fundraising is flying along! We had a wail of a time …Next Stop Scotland!