Website, Planning and a Big Thank You!

Yr Obo Teithio’s website has had some time spent on it today. There is a NEW PAGE on the creation of the Yr Obo Teithio Instrument Trust, which will be taking place over the next year. There is also some more pictures on the pages and all the information has been updated.

Both Caitlin and Elen are now at home on a much needed two month summer break! Over this time we will be planning our concerts and events for the following academic year, so please do keep a look out for the growing events list!

Yr Obo Teithio are an ambitious pair and by the end of next summer they are hoping to be visiting as many of the following places – South Wales, Norfolk, Somerset, Lancashire, Oxford, Scotland and London. If you are connected to one of these places and have any churches, schools, music centers and halls you would like us to come and perform in please do get in touch by using our email address. (

We continue to be amazed by the amount of support we are receiving from people not just in Great Britain but countries scattered all around the world. Without all of the support we are receiving we would not be able to continue this project and begin setting up our exciting new Music Trust. What we do is completely voluntary and we continue to follow our ethos of promoting free music around Great Britain. Our fundraising is going extremely well but if there is anyone out there who would like to donate please do so by going to our virgingiving page via our fundraising page. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped us so far that includes, poster producing, website advice, car drivers, owners of venues, friends, Alison Cox, Howarth the Oboe makers, donors and all who have helped us along the way!

Thank you all and enjoy the July sunshine!

Elen and Caitlin!