Instrument Trust

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Yr Obo  Teithio currently have two Howarth Junior Oboes in their Instrument Trust. These are available to less fortunate and promising young musicians to get them started learning the instrument with their teacher. Please do get in touch with us if you are interested in homing one of these instruments to learn on. 
Introduction to the Oboe: 
The word ‘oboe’ comes from the French word ‘Hautbois’, which directly translates to ‘high/loud  wood/woodwind’. It is a double reed instrument and is part of the woodwind family. The sound from an oboe is produced by blowing down the double reed which vibrates the air column. The instrument generally speaking tends to be made out of African black wood and is made into a conical shape with a flared bell on the end.  The keys on the instrument are silver plated.

One of the main projects connected to Yr Obo Teithio’s ‘Ramble Across Great Britain’, is the creation of the Yr Obo Teithio Music Trust.  Part of our project is raising the funds to be able to purchase FOUR Howarth Junior Oboes and potentially a few more advanced Howarth Oboes.During 2015/2016, we will be beginning to select our instruments, purchasing them and creating the Yr Obo Teithio Instrument Trust. These instrument will then go into the trust and become available for promising young musicians, throughout Great Britain.

This link below, explains a little more about the Howarth Junior Oboe:

Our fundraising is currently at £3,289 but we are continuing to raise the money, to be able to purchase as many instruments possible. If you would like to kindly donate please go to our Virgin Giving Page. All our concerts have free entry and we do collect donations at the end.