Homing an Oboe – HELP!

Yr Obo Teithio have a lovely brand new Howarth Junior Oboe to find a home for! This instrument is part of our instrument trust and we know there must be a some little oboist who is dreaming of playing such a lovely instrument! We have raised the money to purchase these instruments for less fortunate musicians to borrow as they grow into a much needed oboist!
If anyone can help us find the right home for this instrument, please get in touch with us…surely it shouldn’t be a challenge to find someone to play this lovely instrument!


Homing an Oboe

We have just reached the end of a very busy few months but
we will be jumping back onto our Yr Obo Teithio feet in the New Year!
As many of you know in the Summer we began the process of setting up the Yr Obo Teithio Instrument Trust. We currently have two Howarth Junior Oboes in this trust and one is yet to find a home. These oboes are designed for keen and young children to be able to play. Part of our project has been and is to raise money to purchase these instruments and lend them out to less fortunate and promising young musicians, with a teacher.
We would love to find a home for this oboe, so if anyone knows of anyone who deserves this instrument please do get in touch with us!
Also, if anyone has any particular venues or areas you would like us to come and play in, please do not hesitate to speak to us. We find this very helpful!
We continue to be very grateful for all of the support we receive and hopefully we will be meeting some more of you as we continue our ‘Ramble Across Great Britain’, in the New Year.
Merry Christmas everybody 🙂

Yr Obo Teithio Play in Sussex

We are doing a little FREE concert in Sussex next Sunday at 3pm.
This will be a little different from our other sets but you will still get to experience the madness of Yr Obo Teithio!
There will be tea and homemade cakes to follow and it would be lovely to see a few friendly faces!

concert poster ringmer

Sophia takes her oboe on its first outing!

An extremely over joyed Sophia took her new Howarth Junior Oboe ‘Jennifer Anne’, into school for its first outing today! Sophia is absolutely loving her first few days with the oboe and we are just delighted that we are able to support young musicians in this way!
Now it is time to home the second junior oboe that Yr Obo Teithio own and book some more concert dates!

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And off the oboe goes! 

Yr Obo Teithio’s first Howarth Junior oboe, which is called Jennifer Anne, was packaged up and sent off to a lovely little oboists called Sophia in Scotland today! We are rather excited, that the first oboe is off to such a wonderful home! 😊


Exciting News – Junior Oboes

Yr Obo Teithio, have some very exciting news! We have purchased our first two Howarth Junior oboes and Elen is off to collect them tomorrow, from Howarth of Worthing.We have began the Yr Obo Teithio instrument trust! 
Stephen West in Scotland will be homing the first instrument for us over the next few weeks and finding our first promising young oboist! 
All the oboes will be named by us and the first is being named ‘Jennifer Anne’. Our project is dedicated to the late Jennifer Anne Caws, a lady who was a true ambassador for the art of playing the oboe.
If you are interested in our instrument trust, please do get in touch! 
Elen and Caitlin x