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We are extremely grateful that an arts benefactor  has provided the funding we need to actually make our tour go ahead but, while this is fabulous we also need to keep our fundraising efforts going.

This is because ‘yr obo teithio’ is also about promoting the oboe and music generally to children. One of the main projects connected to Yr Obo Teithio’s ‘Ramble Across Great Britain’, is the creation of the Yr Obo Teithio Music Trust.  Part of our project is raising the funds to be able to purchase FOUR Howarth Junior Oboes and potentially a few more advanced Howarth Oboes. During 2015/2016, we will be beginning to select our instruments, purchasing them and creating the Yr Obo Teithio Instrument Trust. These instrument will then go into the trust and become available for promising young musicians, throughout Great Britain.

We would be extremely grateful for any donation possible because every little helps!

Here is a link to our just giving page:

We like to thank the WPG trust for helping us with our just giving page and an especially big thank you to Jenny Ashcroft at WPG for sorting and designing our programmes and posters